What’s the Best Green Tea Out There?

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In all things, quality is paramount; food and drink are no exception. Green tea is noted for its health benefits, but with the sheer breadth of brands, the average consumer hasn’t the time to shop around. I am here to answer the age-old question: What is the best green tea?


The best organic green tea

Yogi Green Tea Super Antioxidant

Has not been tainted with dangerous pesticide chemicals

Why Drink Green Tea?

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Before delving into the debate over the best green tea brand, you should learn precisely why you might want to invest in the healthiest green tea. The benefits of drinking green tea are described. Often cited as a nutritious and popular “superfood” (i.e., a food that is especially good for one’s health), it’s been referred to as the “healthiest beverage on the planet.”

As a superfood, it is not without reason. Among other benefits, the best quality green tea is packed with antioxidants called catechins. Also found in other favorite health foods such as prune juice and cocoa, catechins help to fight cell damage and have been purported to prevent cancer.

Catechins also help to lower blood pressure. Indeed, by “relaxing” blood flow and thus improving the overall cardiovascular system, the catechins in top-rated green tea positively affects the brain as well. After all, it feeds from the same proverbial “reservoir” as the rest of your body. Green tea is also associated with lowering bad cholesterol (Low-density lipoprotein).

Despite widespread rumors, current research concludes that green tea has no direct effect on weight loss. With that said, it is, as you would expect, a far healthier alternative to sugary drinks such as soda pop and fruit juice and thus can help aid with weight loss. Indeed, it may have helped tremendously in my teenage years when I struggled with obesity.

Besides all of the more obvious health benefits, green tea doesn’t take long to prepare, and it’s easy to store. Convenience like this works in your favor, as all you need is a few minutes to brew a great cup at any time of the day. Drowsy before the morning commute? Need a pick-me-up while on the job? Worn down after work and need something to enhance your relaxation? Green tea can make it all happen.

Okay, So What Do I Look For?


Of course, not all teas are created equal. Many factors go into the best tea brands, and all of them relate to health value.  

For instance, some teas have a higher catechin content than others. This is said to be due to how much each tea is processed before shipping, which means that you may find it wise to steer clear of decaffeinated teas. Studies show that brewed; high-quality green tea is overall much healthier than bottled tea; the difference in processing means that brewed teas have as much as twenty times the antioxidant content as their bottled counterparts.

Furthermore, be wary of whether your tea is labeled as organic or not. If so, this means that it was made without the use of harmful pesticides. The best organic green tea, despite what you may think, is often widely available; you likely won’t have to go out of your way to a far off whole foods store to obtain it.

Even where your tea was made can factor into its overall quality. According to a 2013 study by the Journal of Toxicology, green teas from China contained more potentially dangerous contaminants (such as lead, aluminum, and cadmium) than those from other countries such as Sri Lanka or Japan. Sri Lanka was said to have some of the purest green tea overall.

Once I Get It, What Do I Do with It?

In addition to what I mentioned about brewed tea likely being better for you than bottled, you may find it best to drink your green tea unsweetened and without too many other additives. This means that you would eschew green tea smoothies or lattes for more natural brands. You may also take care not to brew it for too long, as well. In both cases, overprocessing your beverage could lead to diluting all the great health benefits. Even the best green tea bags have their limits, and you would not want to waste top-rated green tea.

As with many healthy drinks, try not to drink green tea on an empty stomach to avoid upset. Also, make sure to drink up regularly to enjoy the full benefits of the best green tea. Experts recommend about 30 ounces of green tea per day, which equates to roughly four cups.

Anything I Should Look Out For?


As we all know, too much of anything, even a good thing, can be harmful. Also, high-quality green tea, the purest green tea, is no exception to this rule. Overconsumption of green tea, particularly the catechin antioxidant, has been linked to liver damage. However, vulnerability to such side effects is said to be genetic rather than universal. Making sure to consume only particularly healthy green tea brands.

Reviews Of The Best Tea Brands

Now that you understand the ins and outs, we can address the issue at hand, Which is the best green tea to buy? After sifting through many of the best quality green tea out there as well as the healthiest green tea products, here are the five standouts. Let us determine the best green tea brand.

jade leaf
Jade Leaf Organic Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder

Jade Leaf is a company who focuses on green tea products. As the name suggests, their Organic Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder comes directly from organic farms in Uji, Japan. The company itself, meanwhile, is a bit more local–it’s located in California. It is an affordable brand that allows you to “add a green tea boost” to smoothies and other recipes.


  • This is a decent option for lower price ranges.
  • There is enough powder here to give a customer plenty of “bang for their buck.”
  • This is an organic brand. Thus it has not been exposed to harmful pesticides.


  • This is a purely culinary option meant to be added to recipes. As a non-brewed product, it lacks the health value of the best green tea bags,
  • As a non-brewed product, the taste is not as strong as you might be accustomed to.
Harney & Sons Japanese Sencha Green Tea

Harney and Sons is a family owned tea making company located in New York. They sport a reasonably wide variety of tea flavors, including cinnamon and vanilla and caramel blends. Their Japanese Sentcha Green Tea comes with 50 bags and is also kosher for those with particular dietary concerns.


  • As a brewed tea, this is flavorful and packed with the essential antioxidants that make green tea what it should be.
  • It is a reliable brand. 


  • It is a bit pricey at $2.52 per ounce.
  • This is not an organic tea and may have been made with pesticides. 
Yogi Green Tea Super Antioxidant

Yogi Tea was founded in the late 1960s. This brand is one of the more rejuvenating, healthy green tea brands. A reliable option, Yogi Green Tea Super Antioxidant helps to fight free radicals, which are unstable atoms that damage cells. This tea has a unique flavor; it combines the familiar taste of green tea with slightly sweet hints of licorice and organic lemongrass.


  • This is an organic brand.
  • At 96 bags per pack, you get plenty of tea for your money. 
  • The slightly sweet taste is a fun, but a common variant on the typical green tea taste.
  • As a brewed brand, it has more health benefits than its counterparts.


Twinings of London Decaffeinated Green Tea

Founded in the 1700s in The Strand, London, by Thomas Twining, Twinings has been a tea staple for centuries. It offers everything from aromatic teas to iced teas. Its Decaffeinated Green Tea is an option for those who would like a soothing cup of tea but do not want the usual caffeine buzz,


  • As a brewed option, it has more health benefits than other brands


  • This brand is not an organic option and thus may have some contaminants from harmful pesticides.
  • As a decaffeinated brand, this tea has been processed enough to lose out on some of its potential health benefits. 
  • At $.19 a unit and 20 bags, this may not last as long as you might want it to.
vhadam tea
VHADAM Green Tea Leaves From Himalayas

Direct from the famed Asian mountain range; this organic green tea brand is produced and processed at high elevation plantations. It is suitable for detoxing, and it is recommended to drink 5 cups per day to get the full benefits. You get 50 cups per purchase of a bag.


  • This is a detox option for those who would like a 14-day cleanse.
  • A very affordable option, and as a brewed option you can get more health benefits. 


  • This tea is not organic, like with other detox tea

The Last Drop


The best organic green tea

Yogi Green Tea Super Antioxidant

Has not been tainted with dangerous pesticide chemicals

Yogi Green Tea is the best organic green tea and thus has not been tainted with dangerous pesticide chemicals. As a brewed tea, it retains its health value relative to more processed supplements or culinary tea additives. With its natural lemongrass and licorice flavor, it stands out among its peers in terms of taste. This brand is highly affordable for those buyers who are on a budget and is also good those busy folks out there who don’t have the time to keep buying more tea every two weeks. So, with all this mind, shop smart, and drink up!

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