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Sitting still for any length of time that ranges from 10 to 30 minutes is difficult enough. More so when you are trying to sit for that same period on the floor with no support. If you had to do that, you might not be inclined to fulfill your meditation needs. 

You need a good chair for sitting for extended periods, and you need a good bed to sleep in to feel fully rested. Therefore, wouldn’t a meditation cushion be just as important?

Purchase a good meditation pillow or meditation mat for your daily sessions to help you experience the fulfillment of relaxation.


You want each meditation session to provide you with much-needed relaxation time.

Here & Now Supply
Here & Now Supply Co.

Getting the Here & Now Supply Co meditation cushion, you will get the best tool to give you that optimal peace of mind.

What Is A Meditation Cushion?

A meditation pillow is designed specifically for those who practice daily meditation. This cushion is designed to help elevate your pelvis while placing your hips higher than your knee. The ergonomic design will help to hold your spine in the right alignment. 

The idea of a meditation mat is that when you are seated in meditation, you want the blood to flow properly to all your limbs, including your legs and feet. Using a meditation cushion will help relieve you of the pins and needle affect from sitting for extended periods of time and any associated pain. 

Through the use of a meditation pillow, you will be able to reap the maximum benefits of your various sessions.

Why is a Meditation Cushion Important?

Since your body is uniquely shaped, you need to have it appropriately supported according to its shape. You don’t want your body adapting to the place you are sitting; instead, you want the object you are sitting on to adapt to you. 

If you sit on the ground for extended periods like that in mediation, your hips, shoulders, and spine can quickly become misaligned. Misalignment can lead to some serious issues that are hard to rectify. 

Since meditation pillows are ergonomically designed, they help to keep your body in proper alignment during your period of sitting. Ultimately, using a meditation cushion will help you to improve your posture and help you to achieve optimal blood flow.

Choosing The Right Meditation Pillow

Choosing the Right Meditation Pillow

Cushions that are designed specifically for meditation come in several different types. There is a broad range of sizes, shapes, and materials that these meditation pillows are designed to give you comfort with each relaxation session. How do you choose among so many different options?

Since meditation pillows come in a large variety, here are some tips to help you narrow down which is right for you.

The Height

The height of your cushion determines how far you are off the ground when you are seated. The height is directly linked to your comfort. Therefore, be sure you are getting the right height for your body and comfort.

The Shape

As mentioned above, meditation cushions come in a variety of different styles and shapes. Therefore, it stands to reason that you want to consider this when you are on the market for a new meditation mat. The variety of shapes are expertly designed for the various mediation positions. 

For example, if you are in full lotus, you want to be sure that you have around meditation pillow that is pleated to help lift your hips in a way that lets you rest your legs properly.

The Material

You want a meditation pillow that is both soft and durable. Since you will be sitting on it for lengthy periods, you want it to hold up to that time. Additionally, you should consider what it is stuffed with as the various stuffings can have an impact on your level of comfort. Again, you want it soft, but durable. You don’t want your meditation cushion losing its shape.

Some of the best materials used in meditation pillows are Kapok or buckwheat hulls. Both are durable and soft.

Is A Meditation Cushion Necessary?

orange cushion

It’s a  valid question, especially if you only meditate for short periods daily. However, the answer is, yes. As mentioned above, meditation pillows help you to improve your posture, body alignment and comfort levels. Therefore, even if you only meditate for short periods daily, that can lead up to long term problems without the use of a proper meditation cushion.

Using Your Meditation Cushions

Is A Meditation Cushion Necessary

There are many different ways you can use your cushions. Some you might already be aware of and others that might surprise you.

Kneeling with support

If you prefer to be in a kneeling position, the meditation pillow can help you achieve a more comfortable position that lifts your backside off the ground for optimal kneeling comfort through your legs and body.

Quarter Lotus or Half Quarter Lotus

Since these poses are a bit more comfortable than full lotus, the use of the meditation cushion enhances that comfort. Using a cushion to sit on will help to extend your hips and open your knees. This pose is common and voted one the most comfortable.

Cross-Legged Pose

To minimally strain your joints, cross-legged is the by far the common choice. When seated in this position, using a meditation pillow will help you to prevent from rounding out your back. Using a pillow to sit on while cross-legged will prevent you from experiencing misalignment issues.

Child Pose

Who doesn’t love the child pose? While incredibly relaxing, you can enhance this pose through the use of resting your head on a meditation cushion. The cushion will act as a balance to keep your spine straight and provide you with the ideal comfort level.

Best Meditation Cushions

Since there are so many different meditation pillows to choose from, you might get overwhelmed. Here we rounded out the top five meditation cushions you can use to achieve that optimal relaxation.

Buckwh​​​​​eat Meditation Cushion


  • Made with natural buckwheat hulls for durability and comfort.
  • It is firmer for those who want more support.
  • Very well made with high-quality fabric.


  • The buckwheat doesn’t provide the give you might be looking for in a cushion.
  • The zipper of the outer cover tends to split over time. 
  • Smaller for those of larger stature.
Brentwood Home Crystal
Brentwood Home Crystal Cove Meditation Pillow

Regardless of your meditation or yoga level or skill, this pillow is ideal. Comes in a modern round design that provides optimal support. Certified with organic cotton and filled with buckwheat, this pillow has firmness and softness. The durable carry handle allows you to move your cushion from place to place with ease.


  • Comfortable from the minute you get it and holds that comfort with repeated use.
  • The buckwheat hulls on the interior quickly conform to your unique body shape. 
  • Top notch quality outer material. 


  • Can be considered too high by some.
  • Some find it to be too small. 
  • If you jump down on it, the inner seams might split. 
Foamily Premium
Foamily Premium Hypoallergenic Round Stuffer Pillow

This particular meditation pillow is larger than most and is made with polyester fibers for keeping its shape. Designed for optimal support either as a chiropractic tool, meditation or yoga poses and for pain relief. This meditation cushion is designed to provide you with pain relief through your legs and lower back.


  • Puffs right up when released from vacuum sealing.
  • The filling is very light making it easy to carry around and use in different locations.  
  • This meditation cushion has a variety of uses for a variety of purposes beyond meditation. 


  • The inner lining tends to tear with repeated heavy use.
  • Some may find this pillow too large.  
  • Can be considered too soft for those who need firmer support.
Peace Yoga Zafu
Peace Yoga Zafu Meditation Yoga

Using this meditation cushion, you will be able to relieve stress on your joints by sitting higher up off the ground, and that allows for proper spine alignment. This meditation pillow comes with a removable cover that is easily machine washable. Additionally, there are grab and go handles that allow you to transport your cushion with ease. 


  • Some excellent designs are pleasing to the eye.
  • This yoga cushion isn’t too soft or too firm. You will have the right level of comfort. 
  • Different sizes allow for a variety of people to enjoy. 


  • The filing is polyester and buckwheat; therefore if a full buckwheat filling is what you are after, this cushion isn’t it.
  • The seams tend to tear a little over repeated use.
  • Sometimes the zipper may come undone if you aren’t careful.
Here & Now Supply
​Here & Now Supply Co.​

This meditation cushion is explicitly designed to be tailored to meet individual needs. Filled with a buckwheat hull, this cushion has the right amount of firmness required for proper body alignment. You get a carrying case with it to keep your pillow from getting dirty during transport. There is a carrying handle on the case and the pillow itself to make transporting from location to location easily.


  • Comes with a meditation eBook that has a variety of mindful exercises to get you going with meditation.
  • This meditation pillow is adjustable, allowing you to remove or add buckwheat to achieve the perfect level of firmness for you. 
  • There is a full lifetime guarantee with this pillow.  


  • The cushion itself was made in China even though it states they are made in California.
  • Might be a bit shorter than you would like.
  • Some consider it smaller than they would like.

Final Thoughts


You want each meditation session to provide you with much-needed relaxation time.

Here & Now Supply
Here & Now Supply Co.

Getting the Here & Now Supply Co meditation cushion, you will get the best tool to give you that optimal peace of mind.

There are many different meditation cushions at your disposal. Choosing the best meditation cushion for you can be a daunting task. The above meditation pillows are among the best ones you can pick for your daily meditation sessions. 

Among the best meditation cushions, there is one that stands out among the rest. The best one you can choose is the Here & Now Supply Co. With many great qualities that include it is well designed, you can’t go wrong with this one.

The ability to adjust this meditation pillow allows you to achieve the optimal comfort you could want with your pillow. You want only the best during your meditation. With proper alignment and the right amount of support, the Here & Now Supply Co made the optimal meditation pillow for anyone of any preference, regardless of your desired pose. Additionally, the recommended buckwheat fill is also what this pillow provides.

Ultimately, you want each meditation session to provide you with much-needed relaxation time. You want to be able to sit or lay for extended periods without worrying about suffering from limb numbness or body aches. Getting the Here & Now Supply Co meditation cushion, you will get the best tool to give you that optimal peace of mind.

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