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Regardless of what kind of central heating system you have in your home, you should still consider purchasing an additional heater for your house. Some rooms don’t get as warm with your home’s heating as you would want them to, and for that, a space heater for a large room is ideal for making it warm. Space heaters provide you many benefits that include lowering your overall heating bills. Though a space heater isn’t ideal for heating the entire home, they are  great ways to get additional warmth to a large room.

Benefits of Indoor Heaters in Spacious Rooms

Benefits of Indoor Heaters in Spacious Rooms

There are a few benefits that make getting a space heater for a large space worthwhile.

Have a look at what makes getting the best space heater a great idea.

  1. Cost-Effective – Space heaters are affordable to buy as an additional heating source, and they can save you money on your heating bills. A space heater is cheaper to use to heat one room than running the entire central heating system because of one cold room. Besides this, they are easy to set up and get started using.
  2. Quiet – That drone you hear when your furnace kicks on and then spreads heat through the entire home ventilation system fades in the background as you get used to it. However, you don’t have to worry about that with a space heater. These heaters run quietly, and you don’t even have to notice they are on.
  3. Portable – These heaters are easy to move from room to room and even outdoors when you need it. One of the best things about using a portable heater is that you can take it anywhere. Your garage lends it to a friend or moves it to various rooms in your home.
  4. Effective – Space heaters are very effective. They are designed to produce a large amount for a relatively small unit. You would be surprised how much comfort can come from what appears to be a relatively small heater.
  5. Safe – These portable heaters are designed to be safe because they can be used in various spaces and various locations. Many heaters have a safety feature that kills the power when necessary. Most come with a kill switch that turns the heater and fan off the minute it tips over or sits at an angle, which helps increase the safety of them.
  6. Versatility – There are many different types of space heaters from which you can make your decisions. Each provides an array of heating options for different spaces and weather types. Therefore, these heaters are versatile, and you are sure to find the one that suits you best.

Types of Space Heaters

Since there are so many different sizes and shapes of room heaters, it only stands to reason that there are also different types of heater. Deciding as to which heater is best for you can only be determined when you are aware of the different types.


Convention heaters are the transferring of heat through the movement of molecules in a fluid. These heaters use this method with air that goes through an appliance and streams through a heating element. Through this process, the molecules in the air are energized, and they rise. Most of these types of heater use either oil or hot water coils to stimulate heat. Or they have some sort of coil for steam. One of the most common drawbacks of these heaters is that the heat tends to gather near the ceiling rather than circulate the room. Having a ceiling fan is a way to rectify this issue.


Most radiative models are known as infrared quartz. Though they aren’t designed to heat air, they are designed to heat objects nearby. Though the air in the room may seem lower than it would be using a convention unit, the room will feel the same warmth. Many of the radiative models use infrared quartz to help radiate the heat, and others use liquid like oil and metal tubing. There are two primary ways that these heaters are energized:


Units like this plug into an electrical outlet as a power source, and they are a great choice for any home or office. Furthermore, these heaters use a variety of energy outputs and various types. Both conductive and radiative can use electric as a power source. Just note that, however many watts of heat your heater uses to keep a room warm can make your energy bill more expensive. Therefore, you want lower watts that have a larger square foot range.


This machine generally runs on either butane or propane fuel. Since these heaters use gas, they are best used outdoors to avoid carbon dioxide and monoxide that is a side effect of this type of fuel. These models of heaters can easily be moved around as they aren’t tethered to a cord. Additionally, these heaters are generally fairly portable, and they also produce a lot of heat. Gas heaters are especially great for larger areas because of the amount of heat they expel.

Factors to Consider when Deciding to Purchase the Best Space Heater for Larger Rooms

Best Space Heater for Larger Rooms

Choosing a space heater isn’t as straight forward as you may believe it to be. There are things you want to consider in a space heater before making your choice.

Safety features

Most indoor models of a heater has safety precautions that work to prevent fires. These models include features that can detect when your heater is falling over. If you have pets or children, the safety feature that has the kill switch that turns the heater and fan off when it isn’t sitting properly is ideal. Furthermore, there are overheating features that will turn off your infrared heater when it starts to get too hot. Finally, other common features includes a timer for the adjustable thermostat that will automatically turn off the heater and fan when it has been on for a while.

Temperature Control

Almost all heating units have some sort of temperature regulation components in their designs. You will either see button controls or have dials that allow you to choose the right color. Higher-end models come with a remote that allows you to adjust the temperature and fan from a distance.

Heating Capacity

When looking for a machine for large rooms, you need one that has the heating capacity that can accommodate the space. You need to look at how much square footage the unit you are considering can cover. The smaller heaters can accommodate up to 150 sq ft, and the larger ones can go beyond 1000. How heat circulates is another consideration when it comes to capacity. Some heaters may produce much hotter air, and others aren’t so good. For a large room, you need to choose great heat circulation.


Most heaters nowadays are fairly quiet when it comes to functioning, as stated above in the benefits. If you are trying to heat a two or three-car garage with your heater, you may not feel that the noise is an issue. However, if you are heating a family room where you spend a game night with the kids, you want a quieter unit.


Some of the higher-end heaters have timers on them to allow you to adjust the settings according to how long it will run before shutting off. These heaters are handy to have when you don’t want to run it all day long or for incremental periods of time by adjusting the settings.


You should not have to be tech-savvy or have any special skills to set up a heater. Therefore, you should choose a unit that is going to be easy enough to set up. If the heater you are considering has a complicated setup, then you may want to find a simpler machine with less features.


The controls on most of the space heater devices are straight forward. You will either see buttons or dials that allow you to control the temperature. The simpler units use simple temperature controls that are high, medium, or low. Other units have actual temperatures you can set them at and have remote controls.


A lot of the higher-end units have an internal thermostat that allows you to set it at the temperature you want your room to be, and it will automatically turn off or on when that temperature is met or needs to be met. Some units have a safety mechanism that will automatically turn off the heater when the temperature both in the unit and out starts to get too warm according to the settings.

Mounting Capabilities

Some space heaters have the capabilities that allow you to mount it either on the wall or off the ground. These heaters are great for large rooms because they can circulate heat better without being disturbed. Furthermore, a mounted unit is an excellent idea when you have pets or small children who can knock it over.


When choosing an indoor heater, you don’t want only to consider functionality. Other things are important to think about such as design features. Perhaps you want a machine that looks good and can fit into your home décor. There is a large range of different design features that are both efficient and look great that include size, shape, aesthetic design. What the heater looks like is especially important when you have a larger unit that can’t be tucked in a corner.


The watts that your heater uses to produce heat is important because it determines how much energy your heater and fan is using. The higher the number of watts, the more energy your heater is using. However, you want to make sure that there is  fairly low wattage, but high enough to heat the large space. Another thing to consider when it comes to wattage, the lower the number, the less expensive it is to run.

How much power do you need?

How much power you need in a heater will be determined by the rooms you are using the heater in. Furthermore, you want to consider if you are going to be moving it from room to room. If you only want to heat one room, then it is much easier to calculate how much power you need. However, if you are going to be moving the heater to various rooms in the home, then you want varied power options.

Key Electric Space Heater Safety Checklist

Heaters are excellent and efficient for adding additional heat to a large room. However, there are some safety rules to follow to ensure that your comfortable heater doesn’t turn into a nightmare.

  • Your space heater should have a thermostat to ensure that your heater never gets hotter than you want it to be. You should have control over how hot it gets.
  • Ensure that there is overheat protection features that is apart of your unit because it will make sure that your heater doesn’t get too hot. Many indoor house fires start with a space heater that overheats. Overheat protection will turn it off before it even reaches the too hot stage.
  • Make sure that the heater you choose has been tested for efficiency by an independent lab and has passed their seal of approval. If not for any other reason, knowing that an outside company has passed the safety test of the heater you are considering is the peace of mind you need.
  • The heater gets hot, and they do so quickly. You need to choose to keep your heater away from other things on all sides of it. No matter how cool and efficient you may think it feels, keep the entire circumference around your heater clear. That circumference should be no less than 3 feet on any side of your heater.
  • Keep your heater on the flat and stable surface so that it doesn’t tip over easily. Do not put it on anything that could catch fire like clothes or books.
  • Plug your space heater directly into the wall and do not use an extension cord. The amount of electricity a space heater needs would mean a well-shielded extension cable is in order. However, it’s best to avoid an extension altogether.
  • Make sure that your space heater is not in the way of critical floor space. Do not place it near a doorway or someplace where you can trip over the cord or the unit itself.
  • Always supervise children or pets in a room where your space heater is turned on. No space heater should be left unattended without adult supervision in the room at all times. If you need to leave the room, turn it off and unplug it.

Tips for positioning your space heater:

Placing a space heater safely is essential to getting the best heat flow. Therefore, follow these tips on positioning your heater for optimal usage.

  • If you are placing your heater on a surface, then you need to be sure that you place it on a flat and stable surface. Books, clothes, papers, anything loose or stacked is not a safe surface. Place your heater on a solid surface that is unmovable.
  • Give your heater plenty of clearance. Make sure you keep a wide berth around the heater clear. Space should be a minimum of 3 feet in circumference around.
  • Your space heater should not be anywhere near moisture or liquids of any kind. No moisture means space heaters are not designed for a kitchen and especially should not be placed in a bathroom.
  • Keep your space heater out of doorways and walking paths. You don’t need a space heater in the way should you need to leave the room quickly.

Can your space heater really save you money?

Trying to determine if your space heater will save you money, in the long run, depends on a few factors. To ensure that you are getting an economical space heater, you should consider the following:

  1. The wattage – What the wattage is depends on how costly the heater will be to run. The higher the watts, the more energy is needed to run the heater.
  2. Central Heating system – If you already have a central heating system in your home and you are getting your space heater as a supplementary heater for a colder room, then it will save you money. You don’t need to, nor should you run your central heating system to keep one room warm.
  3. Primary heat – When your space heater is the primary heating source for your home, then you need to choose one that is economical.
  4. Turn it off or have a timer – As space heats up and gets toasty warm, then turn it off. Or have your heater on a timer to turn off when it is no longer necessary.
  5. Pick a top-rated heater – The best way your space heater is going to save you money is by making sure you get a top-rated heater that is efficient.

Popular Space Heater Brands

There are a few popular brands you can consider when looking for a space heater for large spaces.

Lasko: The Lasko brand is huge in the space heater world. They have a large range of heaters to choose from that include shapes, styles, prices, and power levels. Many of their space heaters have a digital thermostat, and oscillation.

DeLonghi: As another popular space heater brand, they specialize in oil-filled heaters. Heaters like this are sealed, and that means you have no oil to worry about changing. Generally, these heaters are cooler on the surface and have an interesting array of casings.

Dimplex: These space heaters are good for two separate audiences. Dimplex has a fantastic line of fan-blown utilitarian heaters. These heaters are very subtle and can blend into any area. However, they do have heaters that stand out quite well as they have some fireplace recreations. Some of the models make you feel like you have an actual fire going.

Heater: These are gas-powered heaters that are primarily designed to be used outdoors. Gas heaters generally have more power than other space heaters and also pose a higher risk. You should not use this heater indoors.

Best Space Heaters for Large Rooms

To help you with your selection of the right space heater for your home, we have rounded up the top five heaters for you to consider.

Have a look and pick the one that is right for you.

1.      Lasko #5775 Ceramic Tower Heater

This space heater is ideal for large rooms because it has 1500 watts maximum output, and it offers a range of control settings that can be low or high. The safe ceramic design is cool to the touch and comes with overheating protection for additional safety. There is an electronic thermostat that allows you to pick the best temperature for your comfort levels. Furthermore, there is an auto-off timer that is economical and works as an added safety bonus. The design of this heater is space-saving and it is easy to set up. You will love the sleek design that helps this heater fade into the background.

2.      Dr. Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater, 1500-Watt

This Dr. Infrared heater portable model is designed with your comfort and your pocket in mind. You can heat any large space with the 1500 watts of power. Included with this space heater is an auto energy-saving mode that comes with both high and low features. There are tip-over protection and overheating protection for added safety. You can control the temperature with the remote as well as enjoy comfortable heating with no noise. This space heater is among the best because it is designed to heat a large room while taking limited space as well as being portable. This heater has a unique look to it, but it is small enough to place out of sight.

3.      Electric Heater – with Standing Base, 1500W Wall Mounted Space Heater, Energy Saving, Timer Function, 3 Modes, Quick Heat Electric Space Heater

This electric heater with a standing base is also suitable to be wall-mounted. This heater is very portable as it can be transferred from room to room with ease as it is sleek and slim. This heater is ideal for any room of the house. There are energy-saving settings that allow you to cut operation costs and there are multiple safety settings that include auto on and off with temperature control on a timer. This wall heater comes with overheat protection, and it is very easy to mount to keep your family safe and cozy. Some of the added features include the remote and LED screen for temperature and settings. You will love how easy this heater will fit into your home.

4.      DeLonghi TRD40615E Full Room Radiant Heater

DeLonghi TRD40615E Full Room Radiant Heater

The DeLonghi heater is ideal for any large space, and it will provide you quiet comfort. This heater runs at 1500 watts, which makes it ideal for any home and any space. The build of this space heater is durable, and it has a permanently sealed oil reservoir that never needs to be refilled. The timer allows you to adjust the temperature to your comfort levels and there are three various heat settings. For your peace of mind, there is overheating protection and an antifreeze setting that will warm up the heater to help prevent your pipes from freezing, making this heater great for super cold spaces. With this unit, you will get a nice warm space while the heater itself stays cool to the touch.

5.      Space Heater, LCD Electric heater with Remote Control,8H Programmable Timer,Automatic constant temperature,1500 W Rapid Heater Air Conditioner Heater&Fan 3 Modes

Space Heater, LCD Electric heater with remote control

This sleek and modern looking space heater is a dream. It comes with a remote that allows you to program the timer and the heat settings for your comfort levels. Furthermore, the large LCD screen is both touch screen and intuitive. This heater does not emit light or noise making it ideal for any room of the home. No matter what your needs may be, this heater can meet those needs. Multiple safety features include overheating protection. The multiple settings allow you to adjust the temperature, times, fans and so forth to give you the optimal heating experience.


Did you find this list helpful in choosing the right space heater for your home? Many different heaters claim many things. To get the best out of your heater, you want to be sure that the one you choose is going to heat your space safely and adequately without breaking the bank in electric costs. Give the list a look again and pick the one that suits you best.

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