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Stress has a way of creeping up on you when you least expect it. Once that happens, it is easy for it to start overwhelming you. One of the best things you can do to help you relieve that stress is to squeeze a stress ball.

You may have heard of these toys for relieving stress before, but never gave them much thought. You wouldn’t be alone. Around the globe millions of people live with everyday stresses that start to overwhelm them and not take much notice to the one tool that may help them to relieve that stress. 

Find out if using these toys for stress relief will work for you and pick the best one. 

Do stress balls work for anxiety?

The question as to whether or not a stress ball actually works is not a new one. There have been plenty of studies that suggest that stress balls do, in fact work. The reason that stress reliever toys work is that when your body is feeling stressed, there is all this tension and extra energy that has no place to go. Using a stress ball is a physical release to get out some of that pent-up energy.

Uses of Stress Balls

There are more uses for the best stress balls than just to release pent-up energy. There are other ways you can use your ball to help you. These ways include everything from hand therapy exercise to squeezing away the tension. 

Relieve Stress and Anxiety

As you know already, the best stress balls help to relieve stress. However, they are also good for those who suffer from anxiety. When an anxiety attack is about to happen, focusing on squeezing the ball is a great way to work your way out of an attack.

Strengthens your Grip, Joints, and Muscles

One of the most overlooked parts of your body for strength training is your hands. Believe it or not, the muscles and joints in your hands need exercise too. You may think that using your hands all the time is exercise enough, but it is not. If you work at a computer or with people or even in construction, your hands take a battering. 

To help alleviate issues such as arthritis, tendonitis, and carpal tunnel syndrome, use your hand therapy exercise tools to help build up the grip, joints, and muscles in your hands. Can stress balls build muscle? Of course as long as you use them at degrees of resistance, they can help your hands to strengthen effectively. 

Spark Other Senses

Using a stress ball is also a good way to trigger other senses in your body. Depending on the ball you use, and how you use it, you can center your focus so that your other senses can work their way into the moment. You can spark your other senses and help to create a deeper focus.

How do you make a good stress ball?

You may wonder what stress toys are made from, and there is no one answer to that. The most common materials used to build a stress ball is as follows:

  • ·         Foam
  • ·         Bean bag
  • ·         Gel core
  • ·         Thermoplastic Rubber

Best of Stress Balls

To help you save some time, if you are looking for specific stress toys, here you can find the best-for list.

Best for smaller hands: Dimples Excel Squeeze Stress Balls

Best for Hand Strengthening: The Friendly Swede Hand Grip Strength Trainer

Best for Aesthetic Design: 321 Strong Hand Therapy

Best for Wearability: StringyBall Stress Ball on a String

Best for aromatherapy: Lavender Luvies Stress Balls

The Best Rated Stress Balls

There are some excellent stress tools on the market, and you may quickly get confused as to which is the best to purchase. These balls help you in many different ways, so you want to make sure you are getting the best rated stress balls. Here you will find out what those are.

1.       WODFitters Lacrosse Balls Mobility Lacrosse Balls Set, Free Mobility Training Guide, and Carrying Bag

These Lacrosse Balls help to get rid of the pain that can be found in the shoulder, neck, upper and lower back along with other places. You will love how these toys help to prevent injury and enhance your movements. The myofascial balls complement foam rollers and other tools used for mobility while strengthening the core. Furthermore, they are great for massage therapy. You can use these stress tools to help massage out those trigger points causing you pain. If you are looking for some great stress balls that are better than just your standard stress tool, you found them with these.

2. Teacher Peach Motivational Stress Ball Assortment, 3 Pack, Stress Relief Toys for Kids and Adults

What is better than stress relief balls that are also motivational? This assortment of foam squeeze tools has inspirational messages on them and are designed to help relieve stress in both kids and adults. You will love how these toys are perfect for the restless person who has a hard time focusing. These toys are very soft to the touch but also quite durable. They are strong enough to handle repetitive squeezing and soft enough not to hurt the hands during resistance training as they are safe and squishy. What’s more, is that this fidget toy comes in a variety of colors suitable for anyone.

3. Secure Stress Ball on a String – for Stress Relief, Hand Exercise, Strengthening, Rehabilitation – Soft, Medium and Firm Balls – No Falling or Rolling Away

If you require average resistance in a stress ball, then these are the balls for you. These stress balls have medium density and are made of thermoplastic rubber that is free from any chemicals. Furthermore, they are excellent for adults and kids who suffer from a variety of stress-related issues. Whether you have carpal tunnel syndrome, ADD/ADHD, Autism, Arthritis or just need an outlet for stress relief once in a while, these are the balls for you. This squeeze ball comes attached to a cord that is flexible and adjustable so that the ball doesn’t slip from your grip. You will love how effective this stress ball is.

4. The Friendly Swede Hand Grip Strength Trainer, Stress Ball for Adults and Kids, Hand Therapy Ball Squishy – Set of 3 Finger Resistance Exercise Squeezer

For an excellent stress reliever or hand strengthener, the friendly Swede ball is the one you want. These are designed in an egg shape that makes them comfortable to fit in your hands, and they have three different sizes for the whole family. This hand therapy stress ball is great at preventing tension and helping to strengthen your joints. Another great thing about these balls is that they are easy to clean from dirt and dust and do not get ruined easily. They are durable and great for centering focus.

Check out this video on how to use this hand therapy stress ball effectively.

5. Serenilite Stress Ball and Hand Therapy Gel Squeeze Exercise Ball – Great for Anxiety and Hand Strengthening – Optimal Stress Relief – Dual Color

Relieve your stress and anxiety with these stress balls that are made from a durable gel that is tear-resistant and no-stick fabric. These balls are excellent for those who suffer from anxiety and stress. The use of these balls will help to alleviate the physical discomfort that comes from mental tension. Another great thing about these physical therapy tools is that they can help to strengthen your muscles and joints so that you can improve your hand strength. These balls also help to spark your senses as they come in dual colors and are great for kids or adults who have a hard time sitting still. Fidget all you want with this stress ball. It is a socially acceptable way to get that energy out.

6.  Koh Fit Stress Ball for Adults – Stress Reliever Squeeze Balls – 2 Bonus Ebooks: Hand Therapy Exercise Guide + Stress Relief Guide

If you want a smooth stress ball that will not get smelly or sticky with repeated use, then you have found it. This stress ball is designed to be excellent for physical therapy, joint strengthening, and tension reduction. You will love that these balls are made from durable materials but have a soft gel core that makes them easy to squeeze without causing damage. As a bonus, this ball comes with two eBooks that help guide you to use these balls effectively. These stress balls are best used for only adults as they are larger than smaller hands might be able to handle.

7. Gaiam Restore Hand Therapy Kit & Components | Hand Therapy Massage Balls, Finger Massager, Hand Grip | Tools for Circulation, Stress, Arthritis and Hand Pain Relief

These massage therapy balls are ideal for those who want varying strengths. You get a soft, medium, and firm ball with this pack of three, and they all work to help improve your flexibility and strength. You will love how these restore hand therapy tools are great for reducing stress and easing muscle tension that builds up in your hands. Furthermore, they are great for ensuring that your hands, fingers and even arms remain strong and supple. To help you get started with these balls, there is a complete exercise guide that comes with fully colored photos and helps you use these restore hand therapy tools effectively.

8.       Stress ball – Hand Therapy Squeeze Ball for Exercises

The Elbo Star stress ball is a great choice for both adults and children alike. These balls are designed to help relieve stress and anxiety at all levels. Furthermore, these balls can be used to improve the strength of your muscles and joints within your hands. Take out all your worries and stresses on this ball; it can take it. You will find that you can easily work the tension and stress out with the use of this ball that is made from high-quality materials that don’t tear, wear or dirty easily. If you have a hobby or work that uses your hands and your fingers a lot, then this ball is for you as they will help to improve your hand’s mobility and dexterity.

9.       PBPBOX Hand Therapy Ball – Hand and Grip Strengthening Balls Kits- Therapy Exercise Stress Relief – Set of 5 Multiple Resistance Exercise Squeeze Eggs

This set of five stress balls are the ideal choice for anyone who plans on using them all the time. These balls are made from rubber and have an egg shape that is textured to improve grip and look very cute. They are ergonomically designed and are great for all hand sizes. In this set, the green and yellow ball are the slightly soft ones, and the purple, blue and red ones are moderately harder. You will be able to use the ball that is best suited for your strength level. Using these balls helps to reduce your stress stratum, along with improve your flexibility greatly. Another great use of these balls is that they improve the blood flow and circulation in your hands. If you want a stress ball that is excellent for everyday use, then these are the balls you are wanting. No matter what you do, these balls are easy to carry and will help in your moment of need.

10.   321 STRONG Hand Therapy Grip Balls for Stress, Fidget Toys, Arthritis Relief for Kids and Adults

These cute and strong stress balls are among the best stress balls on the market because they are excellent for multiple uses. You can use these toys to help with fidgeting, relieving stress, improving strength, reducing muscle tension, engage in resistance training and much more. There are three balls in the package, and each comes at a different strength level that is perfect for squeezing. The hand strengthener grips help make these toys an excellent choice for anyone who needs them. Additionally, they come with a cute storage carry bag. As a bonus, there is a free eBook that helps you get started properly with these toys.

11.   Lavender Luvies Lavender Stress Balls, Let it Go – 3 Pack

These stress tools are excellent for sparking the senses as they are designed for a variety of uses in mind. They are great for relieving stress as they can be squeezed, thrown, played with, and smelled. Yes, smelled. They are filled with fragrant French lavender flowers that have a nice calming scent that is long-lasting. The more you squeeze this ball, the more the fragrance is released. These toys are the perfect calming stress tool as they remind you to just “Let It Go” as you take out your tension and stress on them. Portable, lightweight and very durable, what more could you want in a stress ball?

12.   DIMPLES EXCEL Squeeze Stress Balls for Hand, Finger and Grip Strengthening – Set of 3 Resistance

For stress balls that have an aesthetic design, the Dimples Excel balls are the ones you want. They are dimpled for easy grip and shaped like eggs for a perfect fit in any hand. Three therapy tools are each at a different resistance. The soft one is orange; the green is the medium, and the black is the firm ball. Furthermore, these toys are designed to help you relieve stress, increase strength and relieve the pressures of everyday life. Everyone can use these toys as they are ideal for adults and kids alike.

Final Thoughts

Did you like this list of stress balls? Hopefully, you were able to find the right top-rated stress ball for you and your family. You don’t need to deal with stress every day and suffer from it. These stress tools  are designed to help you in a variety of ways. Feel the resistance and find out how it can make your life so much easier as these tiny tools alleviate the constant pressures of everyday life. 

If you are looking for the right stress relief tool that also works for anxiety, fidgeting, and strengthening, then getting a stress ball is the best choice for you. The variety of options available makes sure that there is one that will work for you. Have a look again, and maybe you will find the right one.

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