How to achieve better balance Without quitting your job Even If your overwhelmed.

You’ll learn simple tools, practices, and strategies for staying calm in times of stress, managing the chaos that life throws at you, and starting your day with 10X more energy.

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So Listen Up...

Whether you suffer from stress because of your job, family, circumstances, or just an overactive imagination, a balanced mind can be hard to come by. We've all been there.

When we lack focus, our entire day is out of sync. We feel irritable, foggy, and fatigued by the life stressors around us - and overwhelmed by everything that is happening to us instead of feeling in control of our lives.

We can’t be fully present when we’re running on empty. That’s when a lack of strategy for stress begins to affect our lives and our relationships.

The good news is there’s a simple way to destress that doesn’t involve unnecessary supplements, expensive devices, or time-consuming exercises. You really don’t need anything “external” to fix your stress problem.

No pills. No machines. No quitting your job. Just a few straightforward techniques that will give you the restorative calm centering you need to function at your highest level and jumpstart your day so you can focus your energy on creating an impact in the world.

These techniques work for anyone, no matter when you are stressed or what situations you find yourself in. And the best part is that you can experience this better balance TODAY.

Combat Stress Easily... Gain Better Balance and Calm... Feel More Energy!

In this 3-part Ultimate Quick Start Better Balance course you will discover:

  • 1
    The Truth About What To Do About Stress In Real Time
    Destress QuickStart Course: Three short videos on what people from Harvard are saying about solutions for stress and overwhelm in the workplace. It will show you how to handle stress when you are in the moment so you can immediately feel in control and able to handle the situation with clarity and ease.
  • 2
    My Secret Morning Ritual For A Great Balanced Happiness
    I’m sharing my proven morning practice that I share with all of my private clients that will help you upgrade your entire day. This quick technique prepares you for a day of calm centeredness, confident ease, and mental clarity so you can leave the house ready for whatever life has in store.
  • 3
    Cheat Sheet On Four Ways Out Of Overwhelm
    In this easy to use a cheat sheet, I’ll show you how to…
  • Know how to avoid the 6 essential elements of overwhelm for every busy professional that keeps them stuck.
  • Explore the most underutilized pieces of overwhelm solutions that most stress management experts are ignoring which are actually harming and increasing your day to day burden as a busy professional.
  • The right types of strategies to use in order to pull yourself out of an immediate stressful moment.
  • Discover the specific strategies to improve your happiness meter.

You get all three resources in the "Ultimate Quick Start Better Balance Course."


Say GOODBYE to Stress and Overwhelm!

A balanced life is already available to you. This course will teach you how to access the levels of rest, recharge, restoration, and rejuvenation, you've been missing for years.

Starting today you can put an end to the cycle of self-sabotage, self-sacrifice, and inner stress created by the fast-paced, modern world and the constant urge to be connected via social media. 

As a high-performing professional, you don’t have the time to be paralyzed by the harmful effects stress has on the mind, body, and energy. 

Creating a more balanced life helps you to not only manage stress at a more productive level but also improves your overall health and wellbeing while also allowing for a deeper, more restful sleep and an infinite pool of energy to draw from.

A balanced life improves your mental state of mind and can help fight against depression, something one in eight women experience in their lifetime. It also lifts your mood, which strengthens relationships and makes social interactions easier to navigate.


Your balanced life awaits. You deserve it. And the people around you are waiting for that to happen for you. So don't wait. Take advantage of this special offer right now.

BUY NOW so you can get everything in this course (for a limited time offer!):

3-Part Video Miniseries

This will show you how to handle stress when you are in the moment so you can immediately feel in control.

My Secret Morning Ritual

This quick technique prepares you for a day of calm centeredness, confident ease, and mental clarity.

The 4 Ways Out Of Overwhelm Checklist

Get this solutions to overwhelm that will help you get unstuck and moving forward on your day and gaining unshakable confidence and unlimited energy!

About Dr. Suja Johnkutty

As a nearly burned out physician in 2017 I found my safe haven in the local retreat centers and I immersed myself in workshops and R&R weekends. I consumed books on meditation, stress management and mindfulness to heal myself through my despair. If I could stay for extended periods of time at the retreat center I would. I was hooked!

As I finally took a turn to self-empowerment I looked on the internet for a site that would help busy professionals navigate better relaxation and I couldn’t find one!

There was a strong body mind connection and I wrote more on wellness because of it. I want to share with you the lessons I’ve learned along this journey, and the mistakes I couldn’t avoid so that you can avoid them.

Suja Johnkutty, MD

What People Are Saying...



“I’ve seen positive changes in my habits and follow through that has not only resulted in more money flowing to my business, but I’m having a blast in the process! I appreciate your steady support when I’m struggling; your encouragement and guidance helps me break through to my next level. Thank you for showing me that everyone can adopt high-performance habits and get impressive results.”

Diane, High Performance Coach 
for Heart Centered Women



“My life is so much better since starting with Suja. I am happier, healthier, and managing my stress better. I have more confidence in myself to tackle problems at work and see myself as being successful, which was not the case before. 

I am doing things that even at the beginning of the year I would have told you would never happen.”

Whitney, Physical Therapist

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