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Who doesn’t enjoy going to the spa and being pampered into goodness? Those amazing massages, the long soak, the silky smooth facials, and those luxurious baths oils. Well, now you can do it yourself at home. You can recreate the same environs within your own home with our spa day ideas.

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Essential Oils

Essential Oils

Essential oils are an important part of the spa routine. If you’re looking for spa say ideas, the first step is to procure essential oils. They don’t just set the mood. There are numerous benefits to essential oils, including medicine and healing. This is now called aromatherapy as it’s therapeutic for both the body and mind. Most essential oils are distilled from plants via steaming. We’ll look at two essential oils, lavender, and eucalyptus, which you can use for your spa day at home.

Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus Oil
Eucalyptus Oil

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So you’ve lit the candles, poured some wine and put on some music. For your DIY spa day, you can add eucalyptus oil to your bath. You can combine five drops of eucalyptus and three drops of lavender with one tablespoon of jojoba oil and 1/2 cup of Epsom salts. Then stir together and add to a full bath for a relaxing muscle soak.

The Eucalyptus essential oil comes with many refreshing properties. This particular oil has a minty, vibrant, and fresh aroma. If you add it to your home spa ideas, you’ll find it cooling, invigorating and soothing.

There are over 700 different species of Eucalyptus trees. 500 of which produce a specific type of essential oil. Phew! So how do you choose? Well, this essential oil comes from the tall evergreen “Blue Gum” Eucalyptus trees, native to Australia. They produce bluish oval leaves, and the bark is often covered in soft white powder. After being distilled from the leaves, this oil is ready for use, and it has a minty aroma. You may have used it as an ointment in homemade salves and chest rubs. If you have any doubts about eucalyptus oil, know that it has been used for over 100 years in many ancient medicinal practices. You can keep this for 2-3 years as it has a long shelf life.

Lavender Oil

Lavender Oil
Lavender Oil

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Lavender oil is one of the most popular essential oils of all time. Many people love lavender oil. It has this enchanting scent that works magic on the mind and body.

If you ever feel agitated or stress, lavender’s rich and sweet-herbaceous aroma can make all your worries vanish. All you must do is inhale this and feel calm. It gives you a sense of balance and restores your mind.

Lavender is believed to have been cultivated in Arabia around 600 B.C. It’s now native to regions across the Canary Islands, North and East Africa, Southern Europe and the Mediterranean. It is also grown in certain regions of the Middle East and India.

The lavender oil we’ve chosen uses lavender that is grown at high elevation. It is also referred to as Bulgarian Lavender. If you want to know the quality of lavender, you should inquire at what altitude it’s been grown. The best quality lavender is cultivated at elevations above 2,000 feet. You may recognize them as evergreen plants that grow to about 3 feet and produce gorgeous lilac-colored flowers. In the case of lavender, the flowers are steamed to distill and extract the oil. If you want to have your partner massage you, then here’s a recipe you may like. To a 2-ounce squeeze bottle add eight drops of lavender, five drops of Helichrysum, two drops of Peppermint and five drops of Copaiba. Fill with Jojoba oil and shake to mix well. This is a wonderful recipe for sore muscles. We bet that once you try it, you will not want to live without it.

Draw A Hot Bath

Draw a hot bath

We haven’t run out of home spa ideas. Now that you have your essential oils ready, its time to draw a hot bath. Why not cold? Well, hot water tends to cause your blood vessels to relax, allowing more blood to flow through. This, in turn, elevates your mood, releases the tension in your muscles, and cools your body.

For the same reason, it’s a bad idea for you to drink alcohol while in a hot bath. Both have a vasodilatory effect and cause your blood vessels to relax so much that you could pass out. So don’t drink and soak!

Add bath salts, essential oils, and other ingredients to your bath.

Along with essential oils, you can add bath salts. The main ingredient of most bath salts or Epsom salts is magnesium. It’s claimed that magnesium can help flush out the lactic acid from sore muscles that build up after a tiring work out. You can use half a cup of bath salts five minutes before you enter the water and you’re good. Or you could add bubbles. Why? Just because.

Massage your sore muscles as you soak

If your muscles are sore after a long work week, try massaging your muscles or have a partner do it for you. Studies show that massages tend to decrease inflammation and help muscles recover faster. Use your at home spa day to help your sore body recover. This is especially great for those who work out regularly.

Exfoliate your skin

In your bath, you can also exfoliate your skin. Adding vinegar and baking soda to your bath water can help. Baking soda or soda bicarbonate is a natural exfoliator. Vinegar is a natural astringent and bleaching agent. Add about 4-5 tbsp of baking soda to the water and wait till it fizzes and dissolves. These exfoliants can help get rid of all the dead skin. Some people even suggest adding oatmeal to the bathwater. If you have skin rashes and sunburn, this is a gentle exfoliant.

Make your Bath Bomb

You may wonder what the heck is a bath bomb? It’s nothing but a hard-packed mixture of all the wonderful ingredients we’ve described above. Some can be fizzy; others are colorful and unscented. If you can’t find a bath bomb that suits your taste, then why not create your bath bomb? You can start with just under 1 cup of baking soda, half a cup of Epsom salts, half a cup of citric acid and the same amount of corn starch. Mix all these dry ingredients in a bowl. In a jar mix, about a tbsp of water, four tbsp of base oil, olive, coconut, and almond oil. Add anything between fifteen and thirty drops of essential oil to the jar. Add food coloring if you want it to look pretty. Shake this jar. Gradually pour your liquid to the bowl of the dry ingredients. Don’t let it fizz. The moment it does, pause. Once your mixture can be pinched together into some form, you can stop pouring the liquid. Roll them into mini-balls or however you want them and don’t put them in airtight containers. The baking soda releases to air and will cause your jar to explode!

Make Your Bubble Bath

We talked about adding bubbles to your bath. You can also create your DIY bubble bath. Here’s what you’ll need. About 4 cups of water, 4 oz of liquid Castille soap, 3 oz of glycerin, and any sweet-smelling essential oil like rose or lavender. In any non-glass container, add all the ingredients and mix. Don’t shake! Then five minutes before getting into your bath, pour about 1 oz into the tub, till it bubbles up. Your DIY bubble bath is ready!

Scented Milk Bath

Give yourself a scented milk bath. Now before you accuse us of being wasteful, hang on. Did you know that Cleopatra bathed in milk? And she was right to do so. The lactose in milk contains Alpha-Hydroxyl Acid (AHA), which exfoliates the skin, revealing younger skin underneath. Plenty of new cosmetics and peelers contain as much as 8% AHA’s. To make your milk bath you can mix, 2 cups powdered milk, half a cup of cornstarch, half a cup of baking soda, and 5-10 drops of whatever essential oil. If you want a stronger scent, then add more. Be careful, though; a little goes a long way.

DIY Detox Bath

This is no different from a bath bomb, except the purpose of a Detox bath is to remove the toxins from the body. For the busy professional this is a good, quick way to detox. Here’s a recipe to make your detox bath. One cup Epsom salt, half a cup of Bentonite clay, five drops of lemon essential oil. These form the basis of a detox bath. You can add Himalayan salt to this mix, ginger, vinegar, or other oils. Add them to your water and wait for it to dissolve fully.

Eucalyptus Mint Bath Oil

Now, you may want to create your specific fragrance for your bath. Let’s say it’s the middle of winter and you’re yearning for summer. You can recreate the magic of orchards by mixing 2 oz of base oil. This could be olive oil, coconut oil, grapeseed oil or jojoba oil. Add to this five drops of orange essential oil and five drops of lemon essential oil. Mix, and you have your citrus fragrance. Create your signature fragrance.

DIY Soak

A DIY soak is different in a sense, that it’s only meant for a quick soak rather than a full bath. It only requires two ingredients; Epsom salts, and your fragrance blend. Add your salts to the water, wait for it to dissolve fully and add your oil to warm water. Soak for fifteen minutes and then rinse with cold water.

Dry your skin and apply a nourishing cream

After you have your wonderful bath, your freshly exfoliated skin needs some nourishing cream. Slathering on lotion has almost become second nature to us. The American Academy of Dermatologists suggests we use an ointment or cream instead of lotions. Ointments are better because they are oil based, and though greasier tend to have a better emollient effect. This traps the moisture in, keeps the skin supple, and forms a barrier between the environment and the skin. A good second choice would be a hydrating cream. Any ointments and creams which use olive oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, and lanolin are great choices.

Try A Skin Mask

If you don’t want to do an entire body treatment, you can try a skin mask. You can gently exfoliate your face with oatmeal or another exfoliator of your choice. We prefer to keep things natural. Lightly steam your face for seven minutes. Don’t forget to include your neck. Pat dry and then apply a mask. You can make your mask, by mixing 2 tbsps honey, 2 tbsps lime, and 1 tbsp olive oil. To this you can add clay, rose water, egg white or almond oil, depending on your skin type. Leave on till it dries. If your eyes are particularly tired, you can slice some cucumbers and place them on your closed eyes. Rinse with cold water and pat dry. Moisturize your face with cream.

Foot Soak

How could we forget this one? Foot soaks are great. At the end of a long day, if you want to soak your feet, try a DIY recipe. It feels amazing. Dissolve half a cup of Epsom salt to hot water. Separately,  mix 2 tbsp. Bentonite clay and 1 tbsp lemon juice. Mix till it forms a paste. Apply this to your feet and wait till it dries. Once dry, immerse your feet in the Epsom salt. Slowly, the clay will fall off. Wash your feet, pat dry. Apply a cream. If you have dry skin or cracked heels, and calluses, you can add other ingredients by adding vinegar, essential oils or Listerine. After the soak, instead of applying a cream, you can also make your DIY foot rub. Add 3 tbsps. Of any base oil like olive or jojoba, 1 tbsp of vinegar and ½ a tsp of peppermint essential oil. Pour a few drops on your palm and massage into your feet.

10 Easy Ways to Spa-ify Your Surroundings

10 Easy Ways

In addition to the above ideas, here are some other DIY tips to make your home a spa. Get soft thick, fluffy towels. Yep, just like the ones you get in those luxury hotels. Get a plush robe. Light some natural candles to set the mood.  Arrange fresh flowers in a vase and place it in the bathroom. This is an excellent option if you’re not into scented oils. Alternatively, you can get a few fresh sprigs of lavender or eucalyptus and set them in the corner of the bathroom. As you draw up the water for your bath, the steam will cause the fresh sprigs to release some of their oils. Drink coconut water or cucumber infused water as your spa at home. Remember we said no alcohol! Put on your most relaxing music. As you plan your spa day at home, create your own Spotify chill list!

Ready For Your First DIY At Home Spa Day

Ready for your first DIY at home Spa Day

We’ve given you all the best ideas for your first DIY at-home spa day. It does take some planning, and while there are many ideas here, feel free to start simple. Maybe add in essential oils or throw in some rose petals. You don’t have to go all out for your very first time. This is meant to be a relaxing time. If getting ingredients and creating a special bath is stressing you out, the purpose of your spa day is already defeated. So, go on and enjoy your first at home spa day! You deserve it!

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