The Buying Guide For The Real Relax Massage Chair

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Studies have shown that body Shiatsu massages can reduce anxiety. It’s no wonder that chairs with massage aficionados are now looking for the ultimate body Shiatsu experience at home. The real relax massage chair does just that. It’s a cost-affordable massage chair that can ease all your aches and pains.

About Real Relax Company

Real Relax company was founded in 2010. They placed special emphasis on people with lower back pain.

In January 2015, they launched their first real relax chair, Favor 01. Since then they’ve released five different models. The company realized that the massage chair available in the markets were priced out for the everyday people. And so they started creating massage chairs that were affordable and relatable to the masses. They could do this by cutting out middlemen. Real relax company doesn’t use distributors or agents to sell its massage chairs. Nobody gets a commission when you buy a massage chair from them. They sell direct and this helps keep the cost low. Now, Real Relax Company sells in about 40 different countries. Their goal? A great chair for you to get the real relax!

Features And Programs

There are several features that make it ideal for those looking for an inexpensive massage chair. For starters, it gives you a full body shiatsu massage with 8 massage neck back rollers and 50 airbags. These airbags are placed all over the shoulders, arms, hips, calves, and feet. It also comes with seat vibration, lower back heating, and foot rollers massage. Some other fantastic features include the zero-gravity option and a wide range of preset massage techniques. What’s even much better, is that it’s easy to assemble. You can time it for up to 30 minutes in a single session and forget about it as you enjoy your massage. It is good for people up to 400 pounds and about six feet one inch in height.

Massage Techniques And Styles

There are 4 preset programs in the Real Relax chair. They are relaxing, strong, sleep and mild modes. You can choose between each of these programs, set it and enjoy it. It has 3 levels of roller speed and airbags intensity. So you can set manual programs for specific body parts. At the heart of its design, is its ability to recreate a natural full body shiatsu massage. Known for its finger pressure style technique the Real Relax chair is based entirely on this technique. No more going to the spa. You can now get a full body shiatsu massage right in the comfort of your own home.

Built-In Heater

For those with chronic pain, heating is a feature that is often a requirement in a good massage chair. The Real Relax massage chair has a built-in heater for the back and foot area.


Here are the specifications for the Real Relax massage chair for all those interested in the finer details.

  • Voltage: AC 120V 60Hz
  • Power: 20-230 Watts
  • Package 1 Dimensions:49.74″ length x 29.72″ width x 31.1″height
  • Package 2 Dimensions: 49.41″ length x 20.92″ width x 12.99″heigh
  • Recline Dimensions: 29.9″ width x 31″ height x 68″depth
  • Seat Cushion Dimension: 21.6″width X 16.9″ depth
  • Back Cushion Dimension:33.4″ deep
  • Foot Rest Dimension:11.8 ” height x 5.12 width x10.6 depth

When you order your Real Relax massage chair, here’s what you’ll get.

  • 1 x Real Relax Massage Chair
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Remote Controller

User Specs

  • Max height: 6 feet
  • Max Weight: 440.9 pounds

Benefits of Real Relax Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

There are many benefits to the Real Relax body Shiatsu Massage Chair. Prime among them is the air massage technique feature and the zero-gravity option. People love the weightless feeling they get during their massage. Zero Gravity is now a feature that has become a must-have among modern massage chairs.

It comes in a variety of colors. One of the main complaints about massage chairs is their colors and design. This ergonomically designed chair comes in multiple colors that would suit any home or office.

It’s easy to use with remote control. Now let’s look at the finer points.

Real Relax Body Shiatsu Massage Chair

1.1 No Massage Track (Or Rollers) At All

The most interesting feature about the Real Relax massage chair is that it has no tracks or rollers. None. Instead, it has fifty airbags that give you an air massage instead.

1.2 What is a Zero Gravity Massage?

Zero Gravity: With just the press of the zero-gravity button, you can feel virtually weightless. You can adjust the reclining angle to meet your needs. It has not one but three zero-gravity settings. Why this matters? It matters because this will help distribute your weight evenly across the chair. It will make you feel weightless. You feel like you’re floating while the chair does its job. The three zero-gravity options are initial, comfort or deep gravity positions.

In each of these positions, your legs are elevated just above the level of your heart. This is quite similar to the position of astronauts during lift off. The zero-gravity position improves blood circulation, puts less pressure on the heart and less stress on the spine.

In this position, most of your weight falls against the back of the chair. The fixed rollers will intensify and give you a deeper, more relaxing massage.

1.3 No Options To Speak Of

This comes with a Fixed Roller Shiatsu massage. You don’t have much of a choice here because this chair has fixed airbags. Since there are no rollers, you can’t adjust the massage chair so to speak. The Real Relax massage chair has four pre-programmed massages. Each have minor variations of speed and intensity. It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to feel the difference between one and the next.

Once you turn it on, you get a 30-minute body Shiatsu massage at fixed points on your back. If the massage heads align with your pressure points, you’ll have a good massage. If they don’t, it’ll be an average massage at best. It doesn’t have any intelligent way of determining your pressure points and adjusting the massage accordingly.

1.4 Air Massage Mode

The chair has a total of 50 airbags. They are located all over the massage chair. There are four positioned at the shoulders, eight of these airbags wrap around your arms, and 24 airbags massage your legs. Additional airbags are located at the hips. The airbags gently inflate and deflate to massage your whole body. It mimics the techniques of a massage therapist. By firmly compressing and releasing your muscle relaxation, you will find your body peaceful.

Additionally, it also has a hip vibrator massage. So along with the heat and airbags, this chair vibrates at the hip area. These combine to gently massage your butt and hips, relieve pain and make you relax.

1.5 Comprehensive Calf & Foot Massage

It has special programs designed for a very deep calf and foot massage with a foot roller. Often while the emphasis on the feet, the calves are forgotten. With the 24 airbags dedicated only for the legs, you can be sure of a good calf massage as well.

1.6 Extendable Ottoman and footrest

The footrest of the Real Relax massage chair can be adjusted up and down. It can accommodate people up to 6-feet tall, with its extendable footrest. This is a fantastic feature for taller folks.

1.7 Simple Remote

The chair has an easy to use remote control and has a timer function. It has a pocket on the side of the chair for storage. Using the remote you can choose any of the preset options or switch to manual mode to customize your massage.

The remote control has a VFD screen. This makes the display clear and easy to read. You can choose if you want a full body shiatsu massage or just target certain areas. Turn the heat function on or off, set the timer, turn on vibrate and the zero-gravity level you want.

1.8 Massage Convenience Features

The massage chair has casters mounted at the bottom. It does not have a lot of clearance since it’s quite low. If you place it on an area rug or have hardwood floors, then moving it from one place to another is super easy.

Real Relax Massage Chairs

Warranty & Service

The Real Relax massage chair is made in China. It comes with a 1-year warranty or a 3-year warranty. It’s made from the best quality leather so this chair is both soft, sleek and comfortable. It’s available in black, brown and navy with khaki.

There are four different versions of the Real Relax massage chair:

  • Real Relax favor-01 (Real Relax full body zero gravity shiatsu massage chair)
  • Real Relax favor-02 (Real Relax full body shiatsu massage chair with Bluetooth)
  • Real Relax favor-03 (2017 Real Relax full body shiatsu massage chair recliner)
  • Real Relax favor-04

The Better Alternative to Relax Massage Chair Models

Zero Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner

Zero Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner

There are other models from the Real Relax company based on what you’re looking for in best massage chairs. These are part of the Platinum series of chairs. The platinum series chairs are SL track chairs and are pricier. However, they come with all the massage experience features like customizable massages, pad control system, deep zero-gravity system, and 24 different massage programs.

3 Real Relax Massage Chair Pros & Cons


  • It’s affordable and so a cost-effective option for everyone.
  • Zero gravity option
  • Good air massage
  • Heat and vibration for the lower back and feet with different massage programs built in.
  • It’s easy to assemble
  • And it works quietly


  • It’s not a real relax massage chair recliner
  • Fixed massages since there are no tracks, so some parts of your body may be more massaged than others.
  • No memory function.

4 Real Relax Massage Chair Review Conclusion.Is it the best massage chair?

The Real Relax massage chair is an affordable option for those who cannot spend thousands of dollars on a massage experience. It has some of the best features that come with pricey chairs like the zero gravity and air massage program features. The company takes all complaints seriously and since there’s no middleman, you deal with Real Relax company directly. Overall, the chair delivers body Shiatsu massages in the convenience of your home. And with all the other features, such as it may improve blood circulation, combined it delivers value for money.

Ready For Your Massage?

You should get ready because the real relax massage chair is just the right option for those who don’t want to break the bank and may start to improve blood circulation. It’s a massage chair that will melt away most of the aches and pains. Have you used a massage chair? If yes let us know which one and why. We’d love to know.

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