The Modern Day Battle of Meditation Apps

modern day meditating

The Modern Day Battle Of Meditation Apps

modern day meditating

In today’s modern society, where life seems to be always in a fast lane, a clear headspace is now considered a luxury to many. Stress, anxiety, and depression are just three of the many battles most of us face daily. These three can cause serious repercussions that will affect not only mentally, but also our physical and emotional state. And the culprits? It can be our jobs, toxic relationships, emotional problems, financial problems, and a whole lot more.


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Is There A Way Out?

Some people thought that there is no escape to such. However, there is! Meditation is one of the best ways to find inner peace. It helps us relax and achieve lasting calmness. Continuous meditations can help us reduce debilitating anxiety and depression caused by stress, so we can do more, achieve more and build better relationships.

Nowadays, there are a lot of guided meditation classes being offered. But many of us are too busy with the hectic schedules that we tend to skip them. Thankfully, there are tons of meditation techniques readily available online, and then there are the meditation apps. Among those choices, meditation apps are the most convenient, can be personalized to fit our needs, and just a tap away. Guided-meditation-on-the-go. How cool is that?

Finding The Right App

It was mentioned earlier that meditation apps are the most convenient way to help us meditate whenever and wherever we go. But there are zillion apps out there waiting to be downloaded. How can we identify the best one that is right for us? Let’s consider the following:

  1. Accessibility – Most apps contain the same guided meditation exercises and calm music playlists, but the question is, is it user-friendly? Can you easily navigate through the options and menus easily without all the guesswork?
  2. Does it reflect your personality? – Some apps have playful, funky, modern designs such as Headspace, and then there are clean, minimalist designs such as Calm and Insight Timer. Choose the one that connects with your personality the most.
  3. Added Value – Is the app going above and beyond expectations? Is it providing you easy-to-understand information about meditation? Is it helping you learn more while achieving your goal to better relaxation?
  4. Value for money – Most apps come in subscription packages. We have the option to pay it monthly, or annually. Monthly packages are a bit expensive than the annual ones, but if you are still testing the waters, it is up to you.

Find Space With Headspace


Busy people like us have very little time in our hands to meditate or join meditation classes. Thankfully, I found a fantastic meditation app that works perfectly for me, and that is Headspace. The Headspace’s intuitive user interface is easy to use and uses a fresh color palette that is easy on the eyes. Although it looks simple, it uses cute, funky animations that add more charm and personality to it. Once you get started exploring the app, you can’t deny the premium experience the app is trying to offer.

Defining Headspace

Headspace is usually defined as “a person’s state of mind or mindset”. However, founder Andy Puddicombe, a former monk ordained at a Tibetan Monastery in Indian Himalayas, has a huge yet simple goal: to teach meditation and mindfulness to as many people as possible. He initially set up a meditation consultancy and began working with athletes, politicians and business leaders. During those times, he met Rich Pierson. Andy and Rich skill-swapped meditation for business advice and Headspace was developed. Headspace now reached millions worldwide and Andy’s goal became more than just a reality.

Experiencing Headspace

The Headspace app provided so many of us, especially busy professionals, a very convenient way to breathe out negativity and exhaustion in this bustling, busy modern life. Before I go to the “here-take-my-money” mode, I made sure that I get the best value of what I would be paying for. That makes me a massive fan of free trials. I think most of us are. That is why I subscribed to Headspace free trial valid for 30 days, and this is what I got. 

  • Basics – Contains 10 beginner level sessions.
  • Breathe Mini – A quick 1-3 minute breathing exercise.
  • The first session of every course (I think they want us to taste-test, I mean meditate-test).
  • Kids Calm Course – A simple 1-5 minute breathing exercise for kiddos.
  • All Obstacle Animations.
  • Everyday Headspace – Free 3 sessions.
  • Sleep cast – 3 sessions.
  • Sleep Music – 5 sessions.

I suggest that one must read the Headspace guide to meditation and mindfulness especially when you are still starting out. The guide explains a lot about the importance of guided meditation when you are a beginner, and how you can achieve mindfulness. The article also mentioned about unguided meditation for intermediate and expert level users. You can click on this link to learn more.

Here Is An Overview Of The App



The Library where users can learn and explore about guided meditation and various meditation exercises divided into different categories.


The Sleep section designed to offer a soothing bedtime experience.



The Profile section where the user’s journey is saved, and also records how often they meditate.

Is Headspace Worth The Money?

As I have mentioned before, the Free Plan which contains some basic meditation techniques can readily give us an idea of what the app has to offer. Don’t just let the funky, colorful characters fool you. The careful categorization of the guides, or what they call packs, targeting specific problem areas makes the impression of a premium feel and experience. Users can opt-in for a premium subscription to access all the features on the Library tab.

Below is a simplified comparison between the free access and the paid subscription.




You can save up to $5 if you purchase the annual plan. However, that’s all up to you. Meanwhile, there is also a  Family Plan where you can invite up to 6 members of the family. You can learn more here.  You may also want to check out the latest headspace promo codes to save on your subscription by clicking this link.

The Headspace+Spotify Bundle

To those who love music and meditation, I bring you the Headspace + Spotify Bundle, where you can get the best of both apps in an excellent bundled price. However, it is only available in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Netherlands, and the United Kingdom at the moment.

If you are a student in the UK and wants to music+meditate-on-the-go, there is also an available plan for you. You can check this link to learn more.

Headspace Got The People Talking

The Modern Day Battle of Meditation Apps

“I use Headspace myself, the meditation app. And it’s 10 minutes a day. You can fit in one five minute meditation in the morning and one five-minutes in the evening before you come home from work. It will calm you down. Especially when you are having a busy or stressful day at work, it will help you be more receptive to your child when you come home.” 

– Melinda Gates –

Are There Other Options?

Aside from Headspace, I’ve rounded up some of the wonderful meditation apps that you can also check out.


Calm’s free version contains timed meditation options, Day 1 of multi-day meditation programs, and a sleep story. There are also free scenes that can be selected to play Nature sounds and/or music in the background on a both unguided and guided meditation. To unlock more options, you can subscribe to Calm Premium.

Price: Free with trial.Android Rating: 4.5/5iPhone Rating: 4.8/5


Insight Timer


Insight Timer allows users to access thousands of guided meditations from different meditation gurus. It also contains a huge library of music tracks and ambient sounds that users can listen to. To download the meditation and access the app offline, the premium subscription is also available.

Price: Free but to access other features, you need to pay a monthly subscriptionAndroid Rating: 4.7/5iPhone Rating: 4.9/5

Mindfulness App

The free version contains timed sessions from 3-30 mins, a five-day guide course, meditation journey tracker, and reminders to help the user stay mindful throughout the day. Meanwhile, the premium version allows users to download their favorite meditation which enables them to listen offline, unlimited access to 250 guided meditations. The meditations are categorized to various themes customized to fit the needs of the users.

Price: Free with trial.Android Rating: 4.3/5iPhone Rating: 4.8/5


iAwake Professional

iAwake Professional

This app focuses on utilizing neuro- acoustic technology which helps the mind achieve easier focus and concentration. It contains tracks specific for certain activities like workouts, relaxation, and even Pomodoro technique.

Price: Free with trial for 10 days.Android Rating: Not enough rating.iPhone Rating: 3/5

Sounds True

Sounds True app is an app where users can sync their Sounds True Digital Library. The Digital Library contains meditation and self-healing tracks, ebooks, video and audio programs that can be downloaded offline. In order for a user to access it, they need a Sounds True account.

Price: Contents are sold individually on their website.Android Rating: 4.2iPhone Rating: 4.5/5

Sounds True

Final Thoughts

As busy professionals, we must cherish our mental health the same way we cherish our time. Our lives may be ruled by the fast-paced digital age, but we are lucky that at this point we have found innovative ways to cope up with its negative impact. Meditation has gone a long way and is able to blend along with the current digital trend. Meditation apps are real game-changers developed to keep our feet on the ground and give us time to breathe, anywhere and everywhere. Again, there are lots of them, but choose the right one that is going to give you the right headspace.


Easy-to-use and Intuitive!

Headspace App

Simplicity provides premium experience for the busy professional who’s always on the go.

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